Christmas Blog

As usual at this time of year, I find myself sitting down on a rainy cold morning to write the end of year reflective blog on behalf of the team at Eastern Financial Consultants, and as always, I am wondering where to begin and looking for inspiration! While looking for said inspiration I received a call from a client, let’s call her Mrs X. Mrs X was calling to ask if I would be passing in her vicinity any time before Christmas to pop in for a mince pie and a glass of port – how nice to receive that call, it made my day – although I declined the port due to a rather bad experience in the past!

And so I’m off, inspiration found, thanks Mrs X!

Our Team

Eastern Financial Consultants in 2017 has been a busy team, so busy that we decided to increase our numbers. In June Ross Birkett (pictured below) joined us as an Office Administrator, bolstering our number to 6. Ross, fondly known as Harry amongst the team, as apparently, he also looks like Harry Potter (apart from the hair colour) with matching scar. He is keen for a career in financial advice and is now working his way through the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, which he hopes to complete mid-way through 2019.

Ross Birkett | Eastern Financial Consultants | Independent Financial Advisers

Kate, Relationship Manager, and Victoria, Office Administrator, have continued to provide great support to us. Kate and her family took over the Cromer KartTrak earlier on in the year, which gives Kate the opportunity to develop her own business, but don’t worry she isn’t leaving us. Victoria has continued to grow the social media side of the business and has become somewhat of a social networking guru. Keep up the good work ladies.

Charity Support

Charitable support has also featured highly in our year. At the start of the year Chris set himself a challenge to compete the 3 peaks challenge for Big C, in memory of his wife Julia. In June he completed the challenge, raising a total of £4162.00. We also had plenty of fun at the Break Charity Duck Race, in Norwich sponsoring our own corporate duck. All the Ducks went into a charity auction raising a total of £6591 for Break. We are very much looking forward to Go Go Hares next year, more to follow on that another time!

IFA Chris Yates completes 3 peaks challenge | Eastern Financial Consultants | Independent Financial Advisers | Brundall, Norfolk

Chris completes 3 peaks charity challenge

Pension Advice

As predicted in lasts years blog, pension advice is where Chris, Simon and myself have spent most of our time, in addition to servicing our existing client bank. Whether it’s been discussions around pension transfers or moving in to retirement it’s safe to say that this is still very much on people’s minds and I believe this will continue throughout 2018.

Economic Outlook

During 2017 we have seen record stock market levels and a continued global economic expansion, but this should not lead to complacency. Matters such as Brexit, US economic and foreign policy, interest rate rises, inflation etc should be an indication for clients to review their financial situation and investments to ensure their needs are met, both now and in the future.
Looking forward to 2018 the same themes are likely to play on. Brexit negations will continue as we approach the stated departure date, being 11pm 29th March 2019, and US fiscal policy is likely to be a focus for the world as the Senate has now passed the tax reform bill, but again as I said last year whatever happens our plan is to carry on servicing our clients to the best of our abilities. We believe retaining clients through excellent service and a truly personal relationship is the key to our success as we look to grow the business further in 2018.

Thank you & Merry Christmas!

So as my inspiration starts to wain I come to the end of this Blog, I’m sure having left out many other points of equal importance, and I would like to finish by saying a very sincere thank you for your continued support. From the team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Andrew, Chris, Simon, Kate, Victoria and Harry (oops Ross!)